Rob May

Chief Executive Officer, Talla

Courses:  PAC Framework, Strategic Thinking in AI , Communications Course, Machine Learning for Non Technical Execs

Rob May is the CEO and Co-Founder of Talla.  Rob is an active angel investor with 45+ companies in the AI and blockchain spaces, and the author of Inside AI, the most popular AI newsletter online. Previously, Rob was the CEO and Co-Founder of Backupify (acquired by Datto in 2014). Rob has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Kentucky.

Paula Long

SVP of Engineering, Talla 

Courses: The Road from Software Engineer to Executive

Paula Long is the SVP, Engineering of Talla.  Before Talla, Paula co-founded DataGravity, Inc. and served as its CEO.  Paula has more than 30 years of experience in high-tech innovation. Prior to DataGravity, Paula was the Senior VP of Products at EqualLogic, where she lead the transition to automated storage management.  In 2008, EqualLogic was acquired by Dell for $1.4 billion. She has won several awards for entrepreneurship, including New Hampshire High Tech Council Entrepreneur of the Year award, the Ernst & Young’s 2008 Northeast Regional Entrepreneur of the Year and was a national finalist for the same award. She is a graduate of Westfield State College.

Rob Levy

Director of Sales, Talla

Courses: Selling and Marketing AI Products 

Rob Levy is Talla’s Director of Sales. He has over a decade of experience selling technology solutions and leading sales teams at both major enterprises and software startups.

Yemi Adepetu

Product Manager, Talla

Courses: AI Product Management

Byron Galbraith

Chief Data Scientist, Talla

Courses: Imitation Learning – Reinforcement Learning for the Real World

Byron Galbraith is the Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder of Talla. Byron has a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University and an MS in Bioinformatics from Marquette University. His research expertise includes brain-computer interfaces, neuromorphic robotics, and high-performance computing. Byron has held software engineering positions at companies ranging from a multi-national insurance enterprise to a boutique web development consultancy.

Lauren Mecca

Director of Customer Success, Talla

Courses: Best practices for rolling out AI-powered tools.

Lauren Mecca is Director of Customer Success at Talla. Lauren is obsessed with making progress and enthusiastic about people (and Radical Candor™). As a Customer Success leader she is always trying to answer tough questions that will improve the value we deliver to customers.

Jon Klein

Chief Architect, Talla

Courses: Agent-Based Modeling – Understanding Complex Systems through Simulation

Jon Klein is Chief Architect at Talla. Previously he was Director of Engineering at Drync and prior to that, led the Ad Products team at Tapjoy. Jon has worked extensively with research on evolutionary computation and multi-agent systems and has a M.Sc. in Complex Adaptive Systems from Chalmers University.

Dhairya Dalal

Data Scientist, Talla

Courses: AI 101: Demystifying AI and Exploring Business Use Cases

Dhairya Dalal is a Data Scientist at Talla, where he focuses on researching and applying machine learning and deep learning to solve natural language processing (NLP) problems. His research interests include machine comprehension (teaching machines to read and answer questions), natural language inference, dialog, and natural language understanding. 

Prior to Talla, Dhairya has worked at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Allen Institute for Brain Science, and Harvard University. In his free time, Dhairya is passionate about developing Boston’s social impact ecosystem and developing technologies to support humanitarian and disaster response.. He co-founded the nonprofit City Awake, which is now part the Boston Chamber of Commerce. 

Dhairya hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Rochester and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Extension School at Harvard University.