About Us and FAQ

What is Talla After Hours? 

Talla After Hours is a series of courses presented by Talla employee’s to help educate and provide thoughtful discussions about AI, Machine learning and the future of work.  

When does it take place?

To start things off we will have them on Wednesdays from 6pm to 7:30pm.  Be sure to check out our courses page to find the most updated list of events.  Our goal and mission is to host at least two courses a month.  

Who should attend? 

Anyone interested in learning more about AI at Work, Machine Learning and the future of work.  We have courses for those brand new to AI to more technical courses in Machine Learning.  Check out our courses page to find a course that is best suited for you. 

Where do they happen? 

The courses take place at Talla headquarters.  Our office is located right by the Boston Commons at 2 Park Plaza.  Our office is located on the 7th floor.  It will be more of a casual and intimate setting with chairs and other seating in our lobby area.  We look forward to having you there!

Who is giving these talks or presentations? 

Each talk will be from a Talla employee.  We are starting off the series by having our executives teach a few courses and will expand from there. 

Will food or drinks be provided? 

We will have light refreshments and snacks but encourage attendee’s to eat/drink before or after the course.  

Will there be an opportunity to network? 

Yes.  Most courses will range from 60-90 minutes.  Depending on the course there will be time for questions, discussion and naturally networking time.  However, we will be trying to abide closely to the 7:30pm end time and encourage those who want to chat and network more to continue the conversation outside of Talla.  Boloco and Starbucks are just steps away!

Ok, but is this really just another sales pitch on your company’s product? 

Let’s keep it real.  There is nothing more irritating than when you attend an event or presentation to realize the majority of it is a sales pitch/demo of the company’s product.  We promise that won’t happen here – unless of course you ask 🙂 This is a space to educate the community.  We don’t believe in secret practices.  We like transparency, and the best thing we can give back to the Boston community right now is an overview of what we have learned by trying to build an AI company, which doesn’t always work like the companies of the past.

Sounds awesome. Where do I sign up? 

You can sign up for an upcoming course here.