Welcome! Come visit us and learn more about AI at Work

Join us for a Talla After Hours talk or presentation centered around AI, Machine Learning and the future of work

AI is changing so many things about work, and we at Talla, Inc continually find ourselves educating employees, customers, prospects, and investors about new ways of doing things.  We want to share the lessons we are learning as we build an AI company, the challenges we are facing and what is leading to success. 

We will discuss things like…How do you know if AI will be effective? What unique challenges does AI bring to those working in the space.? Where do I even start?  What does NLP stand for and what does it all mean?  

Presented by Talla employees and thought leaders in the AI space. We are here to share our experiences, ideas and leadership advice so as a community we can all learn and grow by educating each other.